Healthcare Providers

Definitive can help you transform your healthcare organisation to respond quickly to new clinical goals, waste reduction programmes or technical challenges. We understand that your organisation requires a focus on the highest possible value or risk, and it is our aim to support you to rapidly deliver the most valuable solutions. We will work with you to develop a flexible, proactive and cost effective model that will improve efficiency.

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Healthcare Suppliers

Definitive work closely with healthcare suppliers to realise their true potential in the marketplace. We can support you with product development tailored specifically to clinical requirements; provide consultancy on the best approach to generate business within the healthcare sector; and connect you with like-minded forward thinking suppliers that could ultimately improve the lives of patients, and clinicians.

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Definitive have years of experience working with suppliers and providers, offering a range of solutions to ensure that savings are locked in to organisations. Whilst delivery of key programme and project objectives are crucial, without truly locking in the changes made, an organisation will not have the full benefits of their work realised. We have experience of helping organisations deliver true business change that is sustainable.

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The Definitive Approach

“having its fixed and final form; providing a solution or final answer; satisfying all criteria”

Definitive is a consultancy of like-minded individuals who take standards very seriously. We are passionate about the use of standards across all sectors with some notable experience in the NHS, in particular working with the likes of the Department of Health & Social Care and GS1.

Whilst there are numerous consultancies the world over selling different delivery methodologies such as Prince II and Agile, at Definitive we believe in true sustainability. We believe in standards; standard data capture & sharing; standard messaging protocols; standard delivery practices. So regardless of your software, your services or your methodologies, we should all be able to work together through shared standards.

Definitive aim to support and deliver those standards.

Standards in Healthcare

A few reasons why clients choose us

Stuart is a dedicated project and programme manager, able to effectively pull together diverse stakeholders to achieve the required outputs and results.

Having picked up leadership of the project at Leeds, after it had already been underway for almost 6 months, Stuart was able to re-shape the plans, re-energise both the team and the stakeholders, and ultimately bring it to a successful completion within time and on budget.

His leadership, professionalism, drive, desire to achieve for the organisation, and willingness to roll up his sleeves when necessary were all evident throughout and were instrumental in delivering. I would happily recommend him.

Supply Chain Specialist, Department of Health & Social Care

Stuart is a committed, enthusiastic and tenacious digital leader who I enjoyed working with whilst at Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust.

His drive for digital to do good is impressive and is always at the kernel of his efforts. Stuart drives himself to understand what others are trying to do, he then works through problems with the end game in mind. He has an eye for detail and is able to ensure that agreements on priorities are delivered and where they can’t he has the empathy needed to create new plans.

Stuart is good value on stage and engaging in how he works with large teams. He understands the perils of senior leadership and for me was always a valuable ear to help me work through issues. Stuart has delivered & he will continue to deliver in any role he turns his hand to

CDIO, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

I worked with Stuart at Leeds Teaching Hospitals and found him a pleasure to work with.

He is conscientious, hard working, and had a knack of quickly understanding multiple complex clinical areas and deciphering their technology needs.

Handling multiple projects at once, he was a great ambassador for the Informatics Programme, developing and maintaining excellent relationships with our clinical colleagues.

Programme Head, NHS Digital

Always proud of working with some incredible clients

Contributing to Business Change in the NHS

Public Engagements